Page updated: 2016-08-21 2:48 PM

Hadley's 2017 Summit Steward

Back in 2005 the Hadley Fire Tower Committee joined in a partnership with a Potsdam University's Environmental Studies program developed by then Professor Michael Wilson. Michael has since retired and Professor Bill Brown has filled his shoes. This program matches up students who are planning to go out into the environmental field of employment with an internship within their field of interest. Before hitting the trail, these individuals go through an intensive training by DEC to familiarize them with their surroundings, duties and to help hone related skills necessary to fulfill the steward position. In our case, we have been fortunate enough to hire a number of prospective rangers/foresters to apply their studies to real life employment. In return, candidates have completed projects to complement our goals, such as educational displays in the cabin, panoramic interpretive panels, etc.



We apologize as we were unable to hire a replacement steward this year. Hopefully, next summer we will have better luck.