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Our Committee

In 1995 the Hadley Fire Tower Committee was formed. Among its goals were: to renovate the Hadley Mountain Fire Tower for public use, to secure seasonal employment of a summit guide, to renovate the observer's cabin for use by guides, and to keep the trail in repair for hiking. Now, nineteen years later, these goals remain pretty much the same. All these years later, the committee also includes two of its founding members: Jack Freeman (past Chair) and Linda Champagne (ongoing newsletter Editor). Joining them over the years to complete our present committee are Elaine Winslow (past Chair, present Secretary), Fr. Joseph Busch (Treasurer), Dave Cox (Trails), Matt Evans(Trails and other), Sue Howard(trails, clean-up), Steve Mackey (Trails), Jenn Shepherd (trail crew, newsletter contributor) and Linda Ranado (present Chair). Our local ranger, Tony Goetke is on the committee as our DEC representative and oversees our summer steward's assignments. Foresters Kirstin Seleen and Ben Thomas also work hand in hand with us. We welcome anyone who wishes to join in our efforts ... either to join our committee and/or to help in our work efforts.

Steve Mackey

Dave Cox

Jenn Shepherd

Linda Ranado & Fr. Joseph Busch

Tony Goetke

Jack Freeman

Elaine Winslow

Matt Evans

Susan Howard


Linda Champagne