Located near the town of Hadley, NY the trail-head is about 1.5 miles down Tower Road after it branches off from Hadley Hill Road which can be reached after turning onto the Stony Creek Road at the Hadley "four corners".

This trail is popular among seasoned hikers, families, and dog lovers alike as they enjoy the moderate trek of 3.6 miles round-trip that follows red trail markers from the parking lot to the summit. After an ascent of 1525', hikers can delight in amazing views ranging from the Sacandaga Lake to Vermont, the Catskills, and to both the southern Adirondacks and their northern high peaks.

In the summer, hikers may be greeted by a young summer steward working on an internship and hired by the Hadley Fire Tower Committee. When not greeting the public, these stewards help maintain and repair the trail and structures under the supervision of the local forest ranger and stay in the primitive quarters of the old ranger cabin which can be seen just prior to the final turn up to the summit and its restored fire tower.

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Vandalism Endangers Program

While we were unable to find another steward, we still made progress over the summer. Thanks to Lisha and Steve Mackey, Matt Evans, Linda, Sue Howard,and Amy and Chris Bergman the cabin and shed were thoroughly cleaned. Steve has fixed up the tower cab ... letting air in with a new window, painting over graffiti, and adding a "comment book" in the cab. We have also welcomed new members to the committee ... former steward, Dan Mason, Sue Howard, and Barb and Doug Arnold. And ... DEC has added a "Port-a-Potty" in the parking lot!

May 14th Trailwork Video

Thanks,again,to Steve Mackey for leading our annual trail work...and to Matt Evans, Chris & Amy Bergman, Kyle Watrobski, Maegan Danielson for volunteering to help him out. See them in action on YouTube at https://youtu.be/UXyq-jtHGJ8 thanks to Amy and Chris:

Committee Members Wanted

We soon will be needing a new treasurer, would love help with this website from someone more "website savvy", and would love to reinstate our "volunteer summit guide" scheduling as well.



Much of what our committee does is contingent upon public support. While we have begun to receive some AFTA reimbursements towards our summer steward's salary, monies are still needed to "pay up front" and to purchase brochures, patches, children's hiker cards, and whatever else might arise. If you have enjoyed a hike up Hadley, or appreciate our efforts, please consider donating to help support our efforts. Anyone donating $30.00 or more will have their name put into a drawing (usually around February) for the chance to win a $75.00 gift certificate from your choice of either EMS or ADK. We thank these donors and all who continue to support our efforts and thank Lynn Benevento, who will be closing her gallery, for the years of support and contributions she has given us. Congratulations to our 2015 winner of Lynn's final offering, John J. Thomas of Sellersville, PA.. We'd also like to thank Jonathan Lane for getting this website started and George Sammons for the ongoing support and patience in helping us maintain it.
Donation checks can be written out to Cornell Cooperative Extension and sent to:

Hadley Fire Tower
C/0 Joe Busch, Treasurer
PO Box 4501
Queensbury, NY 12804

Any inquiries, such as joining the committee, participating in trail or repair work, etc. as well as reports on vandalism or debris on the trail can be directed to Linda Ranado at lranado@hotmail.com